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Border / East London


The Border Championship in 1958 was played at Queenstown and was won by local player W M Batyi on a score of 74 79 74 79 - 306. His prize was 10 pounds 10 shillings (10 guineas or R21). Runner-up was Njonkweni from Port Elizabeth (78 77 76 82 - 313). There was a tie for third place between Malangeni (EL) and Ngonyama (Q'town), the latter winning the sudden-death play-off at the tird hole. The best round of the tournament was 73 by Malangeni. The Inter-Town event was a team of four medal format and was won by Queenstown, whose team was Batyi, Mgidlana, Lalapantsi and Gagu. There were 70 competitors coming from Port Elizabeth, Queenstown, East London Aliwal North, Barclay East and Uitenhage.

Played on the West Bank course, the East London Championship that same year was won by S F Makhubalo (150) from S Fufu (156), F N Johnson (159) and B Mntima (160).

 1961-05  The East London Non-European Championship in 1961 was played over the course of the West Bank Golf Club and won by Solomon W Dondashe on 156. The runner-up was S Malangeni.
 1961-10  Rotary in East London had offered to build a course for the East London Non-European Golf Club, but would only do so if the club was non-racial in the sense of allowing all categories of non-Europeans as members. However, a notice appeared in one of the local newspapers stating that "the manager of Native Administration has told the Club that unless it changes its constitution in such a way that it caters for Bantus only, the City Council may not give its approval to the East London Rotary Club's plan". How this matter was resolved is not known. Segregation was not only a black/white issue.
 1962-01  William Malangeni, runner-up in the recent Eastern Province Non-European Golf Championship, won a tournament held in East London with a 54 hole total of 80 78 77 - 235, four better than Alex Njokwani, the winner of this event for the past three years.  There was an entry of 82 players from east London, Port Elizabeth, Adelaide, Cape Town, Uitenhage and Durban.  The first 36 holes were played on Christmas Day over the West Bank course and the final 18 holes at the Alexander Country Club.  Notice was given of the SA Non-European Championship which was scheduled for Kimberley early in 1963.
 The East London title in 1963 was won by H Mtombeni (312) from B Mgeni (317). The championship was played over the African course at Ziphunzana. Was this the course built by the East London Rotarians?  There was an entry of 72 players.