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1931 - SA Inter-Centre Teams

Played at Johannesburg
Winner: Transvaal 'B' (AH Matthews; H Webb; AW Ogilvie ; TG McLelland )
Runner Up: Transvaal 'A' (C Hunter; FA Price; Con Coetzer; Cha Coetzer)
Score: 613

In 1931 the Inter-Centre was changed to stroke play over 36 holes, Centres being represented by teams of four, best aggregate of all four to win.

Transvaal 'B' 613 (AH Matthews 148; H Webb 152; AW Ogilvie 154 TG McLelland 159) from Transvaal 'A' 621 (C Hunter 150; FA Price 152; Con Coetzer 157 Cha Coetzer 162)